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Energy Political Consultation and Conceptionalization of National Action Plans

Decision makers often in first place need to set the correct pathbreaking signals for industry, the market and investors, in order to push and enable any development and application of new non-conventional technologies.

Renewable energy technologies have been proven in many places, both, in places with fastidious grid standards as in Europe, and in countries with more unstable supply and transmission networks and with other grid codes and requirements.

Governments in the whole world increasingly begin to define targets for the development of renewable energies, in order to lower CO2-Emission and to achieve a CO2 balance according to international obligations. These targets must be linked to existing resource potentials as well as to the technical and human capacities and potentials of individual nations.

In addition, regulations for feed-in tariffs and conditions regarding grid access for renewable energy producing IPPs must be defined, in order to appropriately consider the level playing field of these new technologies.

German ProfEC offers adequate services and supports the formulation of political strategies, the elaboration of incentive programs and master plans just as the realization, monitoring and evaluation of any programs and plans.

Our services cover fields as

  • Acquisition of official development assistance and consultation regarding financing structures for demonstration projects

  • Consultation regarding regulatory, institutional or political framework conditions for renewable energy systems

  • Assessments and evaluation of market situations for (independent) decentralized electricity generation

  • Conceptual design of measures for monitoring and evaluation

  • Determination of energy and power requirements

  • Analysis and studies on national renewable energy resources and integration in GIS applications

  • Expert opinions and appraisals on market incentive programs