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Energy Contracting

During the last decade in many countries legislations and regulative measures were adopted, which strengthen the development of renewable energy sources. The renewable energy law, as defined in Germany, is a real export hit. Nonetheless it competes, in terms of acceptance, with the so-called quota model, which is applied in some countries. However, many countries and nations still need to develop and adapt any similar laws and regulations.

As long as appropriate legal regulations are not present in these countries, planners and operators of (renewable) energy facilities depend on with utilities and grid operators negotiated power purchase agreements (PPA), individual settlements or energy contracting.

Albeit electricity or heat, German ProfEC offers support with PPA negotiations and energy contracting between independent energy producer (IPP) and the particular buyer (e.g. electricity services, industrial clients, etc.). With specific know-how German ProfEC elaborates solutions and concepts for contract. Tariff evaluations and tariff determinations are thereby just as important components, as capacity credit analyses or the evaluation of possible sanctioning regulations in case of inability to supply energy.