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Electrical Systems and Devices

Each plant for electricity generation needs to comply with standards of the utility or grid operator, if the electricity shall be fed into the grid network. But also in case of an isolated system: a minimum of standardization is needed in order to ensure an optimal operation of electrical devices that are to be fed from the production plant.

A detailed and comprehensive analysis of the grid condition, the load flow as well as the voltage and frequency behavior needs to consider the electrical and dynamic characteristics of the electricity generating facility.

In the end the facility can behave neutrally, weaken or strengthen the point of common coupling to the grid. Dependent on (grid-) codes changes at the plant might be necessary, in order to modify this according to the requirements.

With respect to this German ProfEC offers the following services:

  • Determination and evaluation of grid feeding conditionsDetermination and evaluation of grid feeding conditions

  • Capacity Credit analyses

  • Dynamic and static load flow analyses

  • Frequency change analyses

  • Voltage change analyses

  • Grid losses in dependency of the technical context and specific local conditions

  • Evaluation of power quality

  • Evaluation of common point of coupling