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Financing Support and CDM

Financing always plays a primary role with projects. First the intention, commitment or necessity for project implementation exists. Nevertheless, often projects fail due to the absence of the financial means.

We act as agent between potential financers, institutional and private investors and provide for a custom-made financing concept, in order to -based on antecedent studies- also realize the projects.

Furthermore we undertake acquisition for development measures and programs, which provide low-interest loans and subsidies.

The reduction of greenhouse gas is the goal of many international and national organizations and incentives. Instruments such as CDM, JI and VER are suitable means to internalize efforts on environmental protection with economical soundness and to make profit based on environmental protection.

In the context of the CDM, JI and VER procedures we support

  • the design of the system and the technology
  • the consideration of socio-economic and eco-technical components
  • the financial cost/benefit analysis
  • the pre-analyses and documentations required for the project design document (PDD) and certification.

Our contact to certification bodies and high-ranking consultants enable us to optimally accompany the following steps of application and registration.