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Range of Consulting Services

One our primary objective is to deliver result-oriented services within the ranges of the sustainable power generation, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

German ProfEC GmbH therefore offers a variety of general advisory services, which are essential components of most sustainable energy projects. German ProfEC is specialized in international project consultation, planning and realization of renewable energy projects and sustainable development projects.

Our target markets are developing and threshold countries, whose needs for (sustainable) energy supply and environmental protection are enormous. Often however these markets and economies are seen as niche markets due to size and economic strength.

The methods of analysis procedures that are applied by German ProfEC, refer, if possible, to latest international and national standards and knowledge, in order to appropriately serve also the highest requirement of our customers in the field of technical management, financial management, financing & investment, policy, industry and science.

With our services we address are locally, regionally, national as well as internationally customers as:

  • Project developers
  • Banks, Financers or investors
  • Local, regional, national or international governments and NGOs
  • International development organizations
  • Education institutions and government offices with education or training requirements regarding energy, environment and sustainability
  • etc..

The core activities of German ProfEC thereby lie in the following areas:

  • Know-how
  • Project analysis, project evaluation and risk analyses
  • Financing support
  • Analysis of electrical systems
  • Energy-contracting
  • Tender assistance
  • Promotion of the transfer of technology
  • Environmental compatibility studies
  • Energy-political consultation and conception of plans of action
  • Education and training initiatives, instrument planning
  • Mediation

In the subordinated columns you will find closer information to each of these services.