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Wind Power

Within the field of wind energy it is strived to convert kinetic energy of the atmospheric air flux into kinetic energy of the rotor and finally into electrical energy.

During planning or investment of wind energy projects we support and stimulate your success.



Not the wind but the wind turbine generates yields.


We advise you in the relevant questions How? What? When? and How Much?



Our specific know-how on wind energy utilization lies in the range of

  • Economic and financial evaluation of wind projects
  • Design, delivery and installation of IEC and MEASNET conform wind measurement units for bankable wind measurements of up to 140m height
  • Technical evaluation of wind projects
  • Studies and appraisals for project developers, financers, banks, investors and operators, which require a professional investigation to their questions
  • Bankable energy yield prognoses under consideration and enlistment of relevant, acknowledged and quality-assuring standards (IEC, MEASNET, FGW, etc.)
  • Wind information systems and GIS applications for spatial and project planning and for wind maps 
  • Optimization of the (technical) operation of wind farms and increase of the Windfarm efficiency, i.e. energy yields
  • Market analyses
  • Educational events and software courses
  • Project acquisition
  • Investor acquisition
  • Contract design and evaluation
  • Technical assistance
  • Bankable technical, financial, ecological and social feasibility studies
  • Strategies and master plans for wind energy utilization
  • Implementation into existing energy and power systems
  • Consultation on project financing and agency
  • O&M concepts
  • Project planning and project management
  • Evaluations and recommendations of technologies
  • Transfer of technology
  • Capacity building
  • Policy advisory
  • Optimization of rotor blades for small wind turbines
  • Optimization of the technical design of small wind turbines
  • Optimizations in the production process for small wind turbines
  • Establishing and equipping production facilities for small wind turbines (300W – 10kW)