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Solar Energy


In the end all forms of the renewable energy are direct or indirect forms of solar energy, respectively of solar irradiation into the earth's atmosphere. The daily quantity of energy, which the sun emits by radiation into the earth's atmosphere, is about as much as 16'000 times the daily world energy use. So this energy source virtually is infinite, as the following diagram connotes.


The direct use of the solar energy takes place by means of modern technologies as: 

  •  Photovoltaic modules (PV)

  • Sun collectors (solar thermal)

  • Parabolic Trough

  • Dish Stirling plants

  • Upwind solar chimneys

  • Solar tower power systems

  • Solar furnaces and solar cookers

Solar energy bears particularly large potentials in rural regions of developing and threshold countries. Both, irradiation intensity and duration often are favorable. In such circumstances solar home systems and community systems are an appropriate and effective mean to cover at least the basic needs and requirements on electricity for cooling of medicines and the use of light.




In combination as hybrid system or with energy storage facilities a reliable 24-hour electricity supply can be ensured.

German ProfEC possesses fundamental knowledge within project development of systems that serve the generation and production of solar energy. A brief overview of the activities covers:

  • Solar energy resource analysis and potential studies 
  • Solar energy yield prognoses
  • Consultation and design of solar energy systems
  • Bankable technical, financial, ecological and social feasibility studies
  • Strategies and master plans for solar energy utilization
  • Consultation regarding incentive programs for an increased utilization of solar energy
  • Implementation into existing energy and power systems
  • Consultation on project financing and agency
  • O&M concepts
  • Training of technicians for O&M
  • Solar home system
  • Solar community system
  • Project initiation and project management
  • Project planning
    Evaluations and recommendations of technologies
  • Transfer of technology
  • Capacity Building
  • Policy advisory