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Project Analysis, Project Evaluation and Risk Analyses

Whoever plans a project with renewable energies or sustainable development has a need of appraisals, expert opinions or studies, in order to appropriately and soundness consider all aspects.

Whoever owns and/or operates a installation for the supply of renewable energy this can be optimized. Sometimes the plants do not yield the expected or components are damaged due to inadequate maintenance schemes.

Warranty does not mean freedom of risks, and specific clauses can drastically change the guarantee conditions, if e.g. not was adhered to appropriate maintenance schedules.

From practice itself German ProfEC is conscious about the fact that many projects were developed suboptimal or come into serious difficulties, as warranty or liability problems arise.

German ProfEC offers project analyses, to project examinations with comprehensive risk analyses, project management and project support during all phases. We always endeavor to objectively serve our customer with professional competence, in order to find a perfect solution.

With these tasks we consider international and national standards and supplement our technical know how with economic expertise.

Specifically we offer:

  • Analyses on the appropriateness and duration of guarantee conditions
  • Analyses to the technical availability
  • Evaluation of long-term prognoses and portfolio analyses
  • Consultation in all technical questions during the preparation of purchase and service contracts
  • Detailed evaluations of uncertainties for individual situations
  • Comprehensive risk analyses and evaluations of renewable ones energy systems
  • Assessment and evaluation of the economic and technical frame conditions for projects
  • Recommendations regarding spare part management and reserve materials
  • Recommendations concerning monitoring and technical management during operation
  • Development of quality assurance standards, strategies and systems
  • Development of risk management systems and instructions during operation
  • Evaluation of the operating results of renewable energy installations
  • Configuration of warranty and maintenance concepts
  • Long-term databases
  • Location specific production indices
  • Technical planning
  • Technical Assistance
  • Support during negotiations