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Products and Services

We see it as our principal duty, to make technology and know-how accessible to disadvantaged countries. Our international and intercultural competence enables us to approach decision makers in these markets in a trustful and direct way.

We intend to act as gateway between investor, creditors, beneficiaries, policy makers and other groups of interests or parties with interest in renewable energy projects. We thereby offer experience, access and know-how concerning essential and relevant questions regarding sustainable energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection. Within the course of our work we make use of our technical, financial, social and organizational expert knowledge, as well as from our experiences and access to the European market in connection with our world-wide competence network.

Further business fields are the supply of services and consultation concerning energy, environment and sustainability, including the planning and the design of projects and/or power generating installations. Furthermore our services cover monitoring and management, quality control and aftercare of renewable energy projects and installations.

Globalization is a term, which is connected to sustainable development; not by definition, but by necessity. Globalization only can take place on long term, if topics as the need for reliable energy supply services, pure potable water as well as a livable environment are appropriately recognized and considered. At the moment industry and trade grow fast. Within this rapidly moving and changing world economy, the damage of the environment progresses always faster by exploitation of resources, exhaust gases and waste production. These circumstances, as well as the global climate change, progressive Desertifikation and the degradation or depletion of the nature, firstly will slow down the growth course of globalization until finally bring it to stop at that point, at which developing and threshold countries substantially must be included into this process, in order to prevent or reduce further political and human escalations. Globalization can only continue, if the principals of sustainability are considered and included appropriately.

At German ProfEC GmbH all activities turn around the provision of professional consultancy services in the fields of sustainable energy and environment, while always consideration the principles for sustainable development. Sustainable development in that sense means to balance the economic, social and ecological interests with the requirements of a region, a country or on global level.