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Our Mission

In the contrast to renewable energy systems, sustainable energy systems use not only renewable energy sources, but also consider an approach, which satisfies the needs of today's generations, without limiting the possibility for future generations to also satisfy their needs.

Sustainability is an essential aspect for a more balanced distribution of prosperity and welfare as thereby social, economic and ecological aspects are considered appropriately and harmonized with each other. A target can be reached, without notable results. Therefore German ProfEC GmbH focuses on a result-oriented approach within all activities. From this results the following mission:


Supply of result-oriented services in the field of sustainable energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection in developing and threshold countries, by the inclusion of world-wide competences.


German ProfEC GmbH is, by its focus on sustainable development, sustainable energy, water supply, poverty alleviation and education, supporter of the United Nation Millennium Development Goals (UN MDG).